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Have a Metric for your Mind


Our Vision

Our vision is to quantify the mind and make the intangible tangible. We want to improve mental wellbeing around the world and we start by offering myFlow - an easy-to-use mental training application.

Our myFlow app offers a unique and new way of mental training, by providing immediate feedback about the state of the brain's activation system, effectively allowing the athlete to get faster into 'the zone'.

Visit our myFlow website to discover more!

The science behind it: myFlow is a project of the Neural Control of Movement (NCM) Lab at ETH Zurich.



Marc Bächinger and Sarah Meissner are neuroscientists and are the brains behind the revolutionary invention of MindMetrix. 


To take MindMetrix's vision out of the lab and into the world, they are supported by a great team that makes MindMetrix what it is.

Check out the team here!


Do you want to measure the mental well-being in a professional context or for private purposes? 
Contact us!

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